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A combination of Ela, Tvakpatra, Tvak etc. that is effective for Pitta and Kaphashaman is ‘Eladi Gutika’. It gives soothing relief in Shushka Kas as well as helps expectorate the Vikrut Kapha. Eladi Gutika proves beneficial in Swarabheda, Raktapitta, Parshwashoola as well as Kshataja Kshaya. Eladi Gutika is helpful in Shwas and Hikka by virtue of Pachan, Pittashaman and Kaphashaman Karya.

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Each Tablet contains - Ela 1 part, Tvakpatra 1 part, Tvak 1 part, Pippali 4 parts, Yashtimadhu 8 parts, Kharjoor 8 parts, Draksha 8 parts, Sharkara 8 parts, Madhu 8 parts


Hoarseness of voice, Hiccups, Cough, Breathlessness, Tuberculosis, Thoracic pain associated with cough, Nausea, Vomiting, Bleeding disorders, Giddiness, Loss of appetite, Disorders of spleen, Rheumatoid arthritis


60 Tab., 1000 Tab.


2 to 4 tablets twice or thrice a day with honey or as directed by the Physician

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