Bhasma which means `Ash’ in lay term has its unique place in Ayurvedic Therapeutics. Bhasmas are basically made from metals and minerals [Dhatus and Khanij Dravya]. The process of Bhasmikaran is used to transform Dhatus and Khanij into Bhasmas. The metals and minerals obtained from ore has to under go Sanskars like Shodhan, Maran, Amrutikaran etc. This makes them easily assimilable in the body. The process is long, but meticulous observation and “in process standardization” makes it sure that the final product i.e. the Bhasma is properly formed and consistant. At Shree Dhootapapeshwar Ltd. Standardization of Bhasma is done on Ayurvedic parameters like

a] Samanya Pariksha and

b] Vishesh Pariksha.

Samanya Pariksha include Shabda, Sparsha, Roopa, Rasa, Gandha, Dhoom, Chandrika, Apunarbhav, Varitaratva, Uttam, Sthiratva, Rekhapoorna etc. and Vishesh Pariksha include Dahakatva, Amla Pareeksha, Kachkach, Scratch test, magnet tests, curd test etc. Such tests are done as described in the particular textual references of the Bhasma preparations. Standardization is also done on modern parameters like TLC Analysis, Loss on Drying, Acid Insoluble Ash, Loss on Ignition etc.

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  1. Abhraka Bhasma (Shatputi/Sahasraputi) Abhraka Bhasma (Shatputi/Sahasraputi)

    Abhraka Bhasma (Shatputi/Sahasraputi)

    The Abhraka Bhasma (Shatputi/Sahasraputi) are been manufactured by special quality Abhraka i.e. `Vajrabhraka’ and are more potent than just `Nischandra Abhraka Bhasma. Abhraka Bhasma is Pranavaha Srotas Balya & Rasayan thus strengthens the Moolasthana – Phuphusa & Hrudaya. With its Medhya & Majjavardhak properties it acts on Mastishka & Vatavahini & useful in Neurological disorders. Generally `Abhraka Bhasma (Shatputi)’ is used in the treatment of diseases and Abhraka Bhasma (Sahasraputi) is used for Apunarbhava (Avoid recurrence) & Rasayan purpose. Learn More
  2. Godanti Bhasma Godanti Bhasma

    Godanti Bhasma

    Godanti Bhasma is excellent Jwaraghna & Vedana Nashak prepared using Godanti after purifications. Effective in reducing symptoms of Jwara like temperature, burning sensation, excessive thirst & headache. Helpful in reducing the onset of fever in Vishamajwara. Learn More
  3. Hajarul Yahood (Badarashma) Bhasma Hajarul Yahood (Badarashma) Bhasma

    Hajarul Yahood (Badarashma) Bhasma

    Hajarul Yahood Bhasma is prepared from an earthly substance also known as `Badarashma’ due its special appearance like Seed of `Ber’. It is excellent Mootral, Ashmaribhedan & patan. Effective in dissolving urinary calculi & flushing it through urinary tract. Its external application on bastipradesh (Urinary bladder) is advisable in Mootravarodha Learn More
  4. Heeraka Bhasma Heeraka Bhasma

    Heeraka Bhasma

    Heeraka Bhasma is manufactured from Heeraka (Diamond) the most precious & the hardest gemstone, which also makes body organs as strong & powerful as `Vajra’. It is most potent Hrudya, Balya, Medhya, Vrushya & Jaranashak. Heerak Bhasma maintains proper blood circulation by removing obstruction within the coronary arteries. Effective in toning the heart muscles by reducing Dhatushaithilya & promotes Strength, Stamina and Vitality. Learn More
  5. Kantaloha Bhasma Kantaloha Bhasma

    Kantaloha Bhasma

    Excellent Raktavardhak, Kaphanashak & Balya Bhasma prepared by one of the best type of Lohas i.e. `Kantaloha’. In Panduroga increases RBC content by acting on liver & helps in proper secretion of Pitta. Useful in reducing pain developed due to `Muscular Cramps’. It acts at the cellular level & increases vitality & quality of Dhatus & Indriyas being Rasayan. Learn More
  6. Kapardika (Varatika) Bhasma Kapardika (Varatika) Bhasma

    Kapardika (Varatika) Bhasma

    Especially Pittashamak, Swadukar, Shoolaghna, Koshthastha Vatahar Bhasma prepared by `Kaparda’ or `Cowrie’. It is extremely effective in Grahani Roga, Pravahika with direct action on Grahani & being Deepak, Pachak & Grahi. Useful in Ajeerna with symptoms like heaviness, colicky pain, belching, vomiting. Learn More
  7. Kaseesa Bhasma Kaseesa Bhasma

    Kaseesa Bhasma

    Due to its Kashayatva, Kaseesa Bhasma has a broad range of utility from Netra Vikar, till Dhatuposhan. It is an uttam Agnideepak and Amapachak bhasma. Kaseesa Bhasma has proved to be an excellent Rasa- Raktaposhak and hence beneficial in Panduroga. Due to its Shamak action on vitiated Pittadosha, it enhances production of digestive enzymes and nourishes the Pachanendriyas. Learn More
  8. Kukkutanda Tvak Bhasma Kukkutanda Tvak Bhasma

    Kukkutanda Tvak Bhasma

    Kukkutanda Tvak Bhasma’ is excellent Asthi Mansa- Dhatuposhak, Vardhak, Rasayan & Vajikar Bhasma prepared by heating the Kukkutanda Tvak (Egg-shell) in presence of Changeri Swarasa. It is rich & easily assimilable Calcium. Useful in Asthikshaya or Asthisousheerya developed after delivery as well as due to other reasons. Also useful in Khalitya - Palitya (Premature graying or loss of hair), as `Kesha’ is Mala of Asthi. Effective in Shukradosha being Vajikar. Learn More
  9. Loha Bhasma Loha Bhasma

    Loha Bhasma

    The famous remedy of Panduroga is Loha Bhasma. Excellent Haematinic & Balya thus increases quality, quantity & strength of Rasaraktadi dhatu.Useful in reducing the symptoms in Pandu such as palpitation, fainting & Agnimandya. Being Kashaya, Sheetal acts as Raktastambhak in Raktapradar, Ratarsha & Shwetapradar. Learn More
  10. Mandoora Bhasma Mandoora Bhasma

    Mandoora Bhasma

    Mandoora Bhasma is the Bhasma of Mandoora or `Lohakitta’ with properties like Soumya, Sheetal, Kashaya & mainly acting on Liver. It is easily digested & rapidly absorbed in the body than Loha Bhasma. Hence most useful in children, pregnant women & sensitive persons. Promotes secretion of Ranjak Pitta & helps in RBC formation. Useful in Shotha with Kledashoshan & regulating the Hrudaya Gati. Learn More

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