Asava, Arishta, Kadha

Asava-Arishta are prepared by undergoing process of Sandhan Prakriya i.e. fermentation. Generally in process of Asava-Arishta, ‘Drava-Dravya` i.e. either Swarasa (Hima) for Asava and Kwath or Phanta for Arishta are mixed with ‘Madhur Dravyas` i.e. Guda (Jaggery), Sharkara (Sugar) or Madhu (Honey) and Sandhandravya such as Dhataki pushpa or Kinva (Yeast) are added into it. In Asava there is no exposure to heat [Agni] while Arishta has Agni sanskar involved in its making.The mixture is kept for specific period in a closed container at controlled temperature as mentioned in texts. The process of fermentation produces self generated alcohol which acts as preservative. Asava-Arishtas deliver fast results, they invigorate the body, have long shelf life and are more useful even in small doses.

Asava-Arishtas are also checked on Ayurvedic parameters. Asava-Arishtas made at Shree Dhootapapeshwar Limited have been standardized by PH, TLC and Brix method. The standard level of self generated alcohol is maintained. While doing treatment it is essential to remember the Agni Sanskar performed during processing of Asava-Arishta. Asava are Sheeta gunatmaka and heavy to digest as compared to Arishta. Arishta are easy to digest due to Agni Sanskar.

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  1. Abhayarishta Abhayarishta


    An Arishta containing Abhaya (Haritaki) as main ingredient having Sarak, Pachak and Malanissarak action. It regulates peristaltic movements and helps in proper evacuation of bowel. Haritaki is a drug of choice in toning and rejuvenating intestines. It acts on the root cause i.e. constipation leading to complication such as Arsha. Learn More
  2. Amrutarishta Amrutarishta


    It is the Arishta prepared from 'Amruta' that is Guduchi which is Jwaraghna and Aampachak. This Arishta is beneficial in various types of Jwara especially in the stage of Dhatugata Jwara. In Vishamjwar, Amrutarishta helps in improvement of Liver and Spleen function. Ingredients like Musta, Parpat, Ativisha, Katuka helps in Aampachan and Agnivardhan. Presence of Dashamoola helps in Vatashaman and Rasayan action. Learn More
  3. Aravindasava Aravindasava


    A formulation beneficial in various conditions of children such as loss of appetite, weakness, dysentery, fever etc. Learn More
  4. Arjunarishta (Parthadyarishta) Arjunarishta (Parthadyarishta)

    Arjunarishta (Parthadyarishta)

    Arjunarishta is formulated with chief ingredient `Arjuna’ which is excellent `Hrudya’ Dravya (Cardioprotective). It corrects functioning of heart by enhancing the action of heart muscles. Useful in Pranavaha Srotas disorders as it helps increasing the capacity and efficiency of the lungs. Also beneficial in Raktapradar and Raktatisara due to Raktastambhak property of Arjuna. Learn More
  5. Ashokarishta Ashokarishta


    Ashokarishta, constituted with Ashoka which is Kashaya, Raktastambhak and known as the best friend of women. Provides excellent results in most of the menstrual disorders due to action on Garbhashaya and Beejakosha. Useful in Garbhashaya Shaithilya and disorders developed due to other abnormalities in reproductive system being Garbhashaya Balya. Controls excessive bleeding in Atyartava. Learn More
  6. Ashwagandharishta Ashwagandharishta


    Ashwagandha the main ingredient of Ashwagandharishta which is excellent Balya, Vrushya, Rasayan and Saptadhatuposhak dravya. It enhances metabolism by increasing Dhatvagni. Promotes strength and vitality by reducing physical and mental debility, lethargy. Useful in Shukrakshaya, Napunsakata & Indriya shaithilya due to old age being Shukravardhak and Vrushya. Learn More
  7. Balarishta Balarishta


    Balarishta is effective in providing Bala as well as Sthairya to the body. Balya and Bruhan contents like Bala, Ashvagandha and Vidari make Balarishta beneficial in Mansadhatu Poshana as well as Bala Vruddhi of Mansadhatu. Balarishta is also effective in proper weight gain in Karshya. Learn More
  8. Chandanasava Chandanasava


    Most cooling Asava with Chandan and other ingredients as excellent Pittashamak, Dahashamak, Sheetal, Kashaya. Effective in Mootraghata, Mootradaha by alleviating burning in urinary tract being Shamak and Mootral. With its Puyanashak activity eradicate septic ulcers in urinary tract developed in early stages of Syphilis. Useful in Raktapitta, Raktapradar, Shwetapradar with Stambhak action of Shalmali, Usheer, Chandan. Learn More
  9. Dashamoolarishta Dashamoolarishta


    The famous `Vatashamak’ Arishta which contains ingredients `Dashamoola’ specially acting on Asthidhatu, Snayu and Vatavahini. Most useful in Vatavyadhi, Asthi and Sandhivikar; with its Amapachak and Shothahar properties, Dashamoolarishta is the time tested remedy for Sootikavastha. It acts as Vatashamak, Balya and Rasayan during post natal period.

    Learn More
  10. Drakshasava Drakshasava


    Drakshasava is an excellent Agnideepak, Amapachak and Tridoshanashak. It is beneficial in Dhatuksheenata with the main ingredient ‘Draksha’ which is Madhur, Sheeta and Dhatuposhak. Useful in disorders of Pranavaha Srotas with the synergistic action of Draksha and ingredients like Maricha, Pippali, Lavang, specially acting on Shwasavaha Sanstha. Learn More

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