Kalpas or formulations containing Rasa i.e. Parad as one of the ingredient are called Rasakalpas. At time kalpas containing yogiks of Parad or different forms of Parad like Hingool or Rasa Sindoor are also called Rasakalpas.

Rasakalpas are useful in small dosage, give quick results and restores health without developing Aruchi. Rasakalpas can be used even in complex diseases, they also have a longer shelf life. As metals and minerals are used in Rasakalpas appropriate Shodhan & Maran of the ingredients is carried out at Shree Dhootapapeshwar Ltd. to ensure safety and efficacy of the product.

Rasa or Parad itself or any other Dravya when processed with Parad [Maran] get converted into a form that is ‘Rasarupa’ i.e. that which is easily assimilable with Sharir Dhatu ‘Rasa’ and thus such formulations are called Rasakalpas. The main idea behind Rasakalpa is to make crude forms of metals & minerals etc. easily acceptable to the body tissues.

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  1. Agnikumar Rasa Agnikumar Rasa

    Agnikumar Rasa

    Well-known Deepak, Pachak Kalpa acting on Agni specially effective in Ajeerna. Also useful in vomiting due to Ajeerna and Kamala. It reduces burning sensation and thus relieves Udarshoola. Learn More
  2. Agnitundi Vati Agnitundi Vati

    Agnitundi Vati

    As the fuel added into the fire helps burnout the wood into ash, similarly Agnitundi Vati is most effective and powerful medicine for easy digestion. Useful in Agnimandya, Ajeerna and Udarshoola with its excellent Deepak, Pachak and Shoolaghna action. Useful in Amavata, where Agnimandya is the basic factor by reducing the Ama. Learn More
  3. Anandbhairav Rasa Anandbhairav Rasa

    Anandbhairav Rasa

    The Best Kasanashak Rasakalpa useful in excessive production of Phelgm. With `Vatsanabh’ acts as Kaphashoshak and reduces the secretions. Useful in Jwara and associated symptoms such as Pratishyaya, Shirogaurav, Aruchi, Galashotha and Shoola. Reduces Shotha (Inflammation) in Shwasanalika. Learn More
  4. Arogyavardhani Arogyavardhani


    Arogyavardhani as the name indicates destroys all diseases & promotes Health. It is the drug of choice in all skin diseases. Excellent in Pandu as well as enlargement of Liver & Spleen due to ingredients like Loha Bhasma, Tamra Bhasma & Kutaki. It also acts as Deepak, Pachak, Malashodhak, Hrudya & controls Mansa & Medavruddhi. Learn More
  5. Bolabaddha Rasa Bolabaddha Rasa

    Bolabaddha Rasa

    An effective Raktastambhak, Khalvi Rasayan with main ingredient `Raktabola’, helps in controlling excessive bleeding in Atyartava and Raktapradar. It tones up the uterine muscles. Acts as Vranaropak in healing the cervical erosions and ulcers in vagina. Learn More
  6. Chandrakala Rasa Chandrakala Rasa

    Chandrakala Rasa

    Potent Raktaprasadak, Stambhak and Pittashamak Rasakalpa with ingredients having Sheetaveerya and Tiktarasa. Useful in Raktapitta developed due to increase in Teekshna and Ushna properties of Pittadosha. Acts as Dahashamak. Recommended for persons with Pittaprakruti, specially in Greeshma and Sharad Rhutu for maintenance of health. Learn More
  7. Ekangaveer Rasa Ekangaveer Rasa

    Ekangaveer Rasa

    Ekangaveer Rasa, a proven remedy for Pakshaghat (Hemiplegia), Ardhangavata etc. Vata vikars. It helps to pacify the vitiated Vata dosha & reduces Vata vahini Kshobha. This Kalpa is an Uttam Balya for the nervous system and helps to rejuvenate the body post Pakshaghat. Learn More
  8. Garbhapal Rasa Garbhapal Rasa

    Garbhapal Rasa

    Garbhapal Rasa as the name suggests, properly anchors the foetus and maintains the pregnancy. It overcomes the common complaints of pregnant women throughout nine months of pregnancy. Being Garbhasthapak, Rasayan, Garbhashaya Balya helps in habitual abortions due to weakness of uterine muscles and also female infertility due to other reasons. Learn More
  9. Ichchhabhedi Rasa Ichchhabhedi Rasa

    Ichchhabhedi Rasa

    A strong Virechak (Purgative), Malashodhak Kalpa with main ingredient Jaipal. Specially reduces excessive fluid accumulation with strong purgative action in Jalodar. Useful in Kushtha by reducing Vikrut Malasanchiti in Grahani. Learn More
  10. Kaphakuthar Rasa Kaphakuthar Rasa

    Kaphakuthar Rasa

    Excellent Kaphaghna Kalpa acting like ‘Kuthar’ (Axe). It acts as Kaphasravak and soothing to the irritated Shwasavahini thereby strengthens Pranavaha Srotas. Useful in Chronic Kasa, Shwasa with frothy, thick phlegm. Learn More

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