Kupipakva Rasayan

Kupipakva Rasayan as the name suggests are prepared and processed in a Kaachkupi i.e. glass bottle. This type of Rasayan is considered difficult to prepare as the process needs to be meticulously followed to get the expected results. The temperature of the Valukayantra needs to be keenly monitored. After subjecting the Kaachkupi [glass bottle] containing the mixture of the formulation to appropriate heat, the Kaachkupi is allowed to cool down. This bottle is then broken by a special technique to separate the Kanthastha and Talastha parts of the resultant product. ‘Kanthastha’ means the one which is formed at the neck of the bottle while ‘Talastha’ means the one that is formed at the bottom of the bottle.

Some Kupipakva Rasayan like Mallasindoor, Poornachandrodaya Makardhwaj are Kanthastha while others like Rasasindoor, Sameerpannag and Suvarnarajvangeshwar are Talastha. The ingredients used herein like Parad, Gandhak etc. have to undergo Shodhan process to check out undue toxicity from the resultant products. Shree Dhootapapeshwar Ltd. has established its expertise in preparing Kupipakva Rasayan to give excellent and consistent results.

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  1. Mallasindoor Mallasindoor


    This Sindoorkalpa is excellent Kapha Shoshak, Kupipakva Rasayan. It is Teekshna, Ushna and Uttejak for Hrudaya, Phuphusa and Vatavahini. Excellent Kaphashoshak in Shwasa, Shleshmak, Shwasanak thereby relieves difficulty in breathing. Learn More
  2. Poornachandrodaya Makardhwaj Poornachandrodaya Makardhwaj

    Poornachandrodaya Makardhwaj

    The potent Kupipakva Rasayan which is Rasayan, Saptadhatuposhak. It increases tone and capacity of organs and senses thus delays aging process. It acts on Shukrasthana and being potent Vajikar helps reducing Indriya Shaithilya if taken before intercourse. Learn More
  3. Rasasindoor Rasasindoor


    Rasayan, Vrushya and Yogavahi Kalpa acting on especially Shwasavahini. It relieves accumulated phlegm by acting as Uttejak and Kaphasravak. Useful in Kasa, Shwasa, Pratishyaya and Rajayakshma being effective on upper respiratory organs. Learn More
  4. Sameerpannag Sameerpannag


    The Mallakalpa which is Teekshna, Ushna and Kapha-Vatanashak and less intense than other Mallakalpas. Helpful in proper secretions without causing any bronchial inflammation. Helps in attaining proper direction of Prana. Useful in Vatavikar with Stambha, Shoola and Sankocha. Learn More
  5. Suvarnarajvangeshwar (Svarnavanga) Suvarnarajvangeshwar (Svarnavanga)

    Suvarnarajvangeshwar (Svarnavanga)

    The Kupipakva Rasayan which has resemblance with Gold in colour and luster and `Vanga’ as chief ingredient known as Suvarnarajvangeshwar. Effective in disorders of Shukravaha Srotas being Rasayan, Vrushya, Shaktivardhak and Dhatvagnivardhak. It reduces burning and painful micturition in Upadansha by eliminating the toxins produced in genito urinary tract. Learn More

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