Guti, Vati

Guti - Vati , a dosage form that is a step ahead of Choorna. The process is a bit more than that of Choorna, but has longer shelf life and is more effective. The dose of a drug can be made specific in Guti-Vati form, the compliance of the patient is also more as it is easy to carry and consume. Various Choornas, Bhasmas etc. are mixed as mentioned in the formulation and then some of the ingredients which are sticky in nature like Guggul etc. or are in liquid form are mixed and then the mixture so formed is given the Guti-Vati [tablet] form.

Though the names Gutika and Vatika are according to their descriptions in the Ayurvedic texts. But now for the convenience and consistency to be maintained tablets are made. Hardness, Friability, Disintegration time, Weight consistency etc. are tested to standardize the tableting process at Shree Dhootapapeshwar Ltd. The hardness is maintained at the optimum level so that the tablet should not break during the transport but at the same time, it can be easily broken into two pieces when needed. Friability is tested so that the tablet reaches as it is to the end consumer without breaking, in the process of transport. Disintegration time has to be low so as to give fast benefit. Weight consistency is seen to deliver the exact dose of the medicine to the patient.

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  1. Chandraprabha (With Loha Shilajatu) Chandraprabha (With Loha Shilajatu)

    Chandraprabha (With Loha Shilajatu)

    An excellent remedy acting as Shamak, Balya, Rasayan & Mootral on Urinary tract & genital organs. It reduces inflammation in Urinary tract & acts as Vranaropak. Being Mootral it increases flow of urine in conditions such as hampered formation of urine & accumulation of excretory wastes. Also helpful in Mootrashmari by disintegrating the urinary calculi due to Ashmaribhedan & its removal. Learn More
  2. Gandhak Rasayan Gandhak Rasayan

    Gandhak Rasayan

    The superior medicine in Kushtha with the main ingredient ‘Gandhak’ which is Kushthaghna, Vishaghna, Jantughna processed with Pittashamak Dravyas. It has major contributing action on Rakta & Twacha & where ‘Daha’ (Burning) is the specific symptom. Useful in conditions such as inflammation & pus formation. Learn More
  3. Kamadugha (Mouktikyukta) Kamadugha (Mouktikyukta)

    Kamadugha (Mouktikyukta)

    The best combination of Mouktik Bhasma alongwith ingredients of Kamdugha is more powerful Sheetal, Pittashamak, Mastishkashamak. It alleviates irritation. Also very effective Ojovardhak, Deepan, Pachan, Balya & Hrudya. Learn More
  4. Kamadugha (Sada) Kamadugha (Sada)

    Kamadugha (Sada)

    The remedy which fulfills all desires by way of health is ‘Kamdugha’. It is excellent Pittashamak, Sheetal, Dahashamak, Trushnashamak, Raktastambhak, Raktaprasadak & Mootral. Most useful in disorders developed due to vitiation of Rakta & Pitta Vidagdhata. Learn More
  5. Khadiradi Gutika Khadiradi Gutika

    Khadiradi Gutika

    The Gutika formulated with chief ingredient ‘Khadir’ acts as Kanthya, Ruchikar, Dahashamak, Vranaropak. Useful in Mukhapaka, when sucked & chewed without causing dryness of mouth. It alleviates foul smell in mouth. Learn More
  6. Laghumalini Vasant Laghumalini Vasant

    Laghumalini Vasant

    The potent Vasantakalpa acting on Rasaraktadi Dhatu, Jwaranashak & Garbha Sthapak. It stabilises & sustains foetus & helps in reducing tendency of abortion. Useful in Rajayakshma, Jeernajwara & in Garbhini with its Balya, Rasayan properties. Learn More
  7. Praval Panchamrut (Mouktikyukta) Praval Panchamrut (Mouktikyukta)

    Praval Panchamrut (Mouktikyukta)

    The Kalpa acting like Amrut with combination of Pravala Bhasma & other Bhasmas mainly Mouktik Bhasma. It acts as Pittashamak, Dahashamak & Kshobhanashak. Alleviates burning sensation in Chest & abdomen, belching & excessive thirst by reducing Ushna, Teekshna properties of Pitta. Useful in Pittatisara & Pittaj Grahani. Also tones up & strengthens digestive system by increasing Dhatvagni. Learn More
  8. Praval Panchamrut (Sada) Praval Panchamrut (Sada)

    Praval Panchamrut (Sada)

    Agnideepak & Pittashamak combination of Praval along with other Bhasmas triturated with Arka Ksheera. Effective in symptoms of Sama Pitta developed due to increased Drava & Sara content of Pitta. Potent action on digestive system. Reduces heaviness in abdomen in Ajeerna, Parinamshoola. Learn More
  9. Rajahpravartani Vati Rajahpravartani Vati

    Rajahpravartani Vati

    Rajahpravartani Vati effectively deals with menstruation with action as Vatanulomak, Artavajanak, Garbhashayashodhak. Regulates menstrual cycles in Anartava (Amenorrhoea), Alpartava (Oligomenorrhoea) & delayed menstruation being Artavajanak. Effective as shoolanashak in lumber pain, low backache, abdominal spasmodic pain during menstrual cycles. Learn More
  10. Sanjeevani Gutika Sanjeevani Gutika

    Sanjeevani Gutika

    An effective Guti acting on Annavaha Srotas. Useful in Ajeerna, Amatisara, Pravahika being Teekshna, Ushna, Deepak & Amapachak. Acts against the diseases of respiratory tract caused due to Agnimandya & other digestive disorders. Most effective in the treatment of Krumi with its ‘Prakrutivighat’ activity i.e. Krumighna, which eradicate the tendency of recurrence. Learn More

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