Lakshadi Guggul

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The powerful combination of ingredients like ‘Laksha’ along with ‘Guggul’ with action as ‘Sandhankar’ on Asthidhatu helps in rebuilding & refirming of bones like Vajra. Effective in Sandhishoola & Asthibhagna.

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Shuddha Laksha 1 part, Asthi Shrunkhala 1 part, Ashwagandha 1 part, Nagabala 1 part, Arjuna Twak 1 part, Dashamoola Vishesh Shodhit Guggul 5 parts


Asthibhagnottar Sandhishoola, Asthisousheeryajanya Sandhishoola, Asthisousheerya, Asthibhagna


60 Tab., 1000 Tab.


2 to 4 tablets 2-3 times a day or as per disease & condition of patient with Dashamoolarishta, Mansarasa, milk or lukewarm water

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