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‘Kanchanar Guggul’ with the ingredient ‘Kanchanar’ mainly acting as Mansa, Meda Lekhan & Pachan. Useful in all diseases due to Mansavaha Srotas vitiation. Effective in Sthoulya (Obesity) & Thyroid disorders developed due to vitiation of Medadhatvagni.

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Kanchanar Twak 60 parts, Shunthi 12 parts, Maricha 12 parts, Pippali 12 parts, Haritaki 6 parts, Bibhitak 6 parts, Amalaki 6 parts, Varun Twak 3 parts, Tamalpatra 1 part, Dalchini 1 part, Ela 1 part, Triphala Vishesh Shodhit Guggul 120 parts


Obesity due to Hypothyroidism, Arbuda, Gandamala, Apachi, Granthi, Vrana, Gulma, Kushtha, Bhagandar


60 Tab., 1000 Tab.


2 to 4 tablets 2-3 times a day or as per disease with Punarnavasava, Gokshur Kwath, Khadirarishta, Abhayarishta or lukewarm water

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Looking 1000 tablets pack of kanchnar guggul

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