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  1. Beejpushti Rasa Beejpushti Rasa

    Beejpushti Rasa

    An excellent Kalpa effective in increasing Sthanik and Sarvadaihik Shukra is ‘Beejpushti Rasa’. Ingredients like Suvarna Bhasma (Premium Quality), Poornachandrodaya Makardhwaja, Shatavari and Salampanja etc. make Beejpushti Rasa effective in Shukradhatu Vruddhi quality and quantity wise. It is useful in Shukradhatu Poshan and results in increasing quantity, motility and quality i.e. functioning Shukranu. Learn More
  2. Hrudroga Chintamani Rasa Hrudroga Chintamani Rasa

    Hrudroga Chintamani Rasa

    Hrudroga Chintamani Rasa, a unique formulation is very effective in the treatment of Heart diseases and related symptoms. It acts as a Cardio protective & Anti arrhythmic medicine providing strength to the heart muscles and maintaining heart rate. Contents like Jatamansi maintains Blood pressure, Dashamoola relieves Pain & Irregular cardiac rhythm & Manjishtha maintains blood optimum viscosity. Learn More
  3. Kas Shwas Hari Rasa Kas Shwas Hari Rasa

    Kas Shwas Hari Rasa

    Kas Shwas Hari Rasa is an excellent Kalpa for Vyadhinashan as well as Brumhan for the entire Pranavaha Srotas. Kas Shwas Hari Rasa is useful in acute as well as chronic disease conditions of Pranavaha Srotas. Shwaskas Chintamani Rasa present in Kas Shwas Hari Rasa itself is Vata - Kaphaghna and helps in improving immunity specially of Pranavaha Srotas. Due to Rasayan property, Kas Shwas Hari Rasa is effective in recurrence of Pranavaha Srotas related Vikar developed due to low immunity. Learn More
  4. Madhumeha Kusumakar Rasa Madhumeha Kusumakar Rasa

    Madhumeha Kusumakar Rasa

    Madhumeha Kusumakar Rasa with contents like Suvarnayukta Vasant Kusumakar Rasa, is the best of its kind for Diabetes and its complications. Other contents like Mamejjaka Ghana, Amalaki, Haridra are well known for reducing blood and urine sugar effectively due to their Kapha and Meda Pachak action. Shuddha Shilajit is a Rejuvenator and Aphrodisiac beneficial in Diabetic Impotency & Yashada Bhasma prevents eyes from bad effect of Diabetes. Learn More
  5. Pittashekhar Rasa Pittashekhar Rasa

    Pittashekhar Rasa

    A potent formulation prepared from the combination of Sootashekhar Rasa (Suvarnayukta), Aragvadh, Avipattikar Choorna, etc. is beneficial in conditions developed due to vitiated Pitta and related symptoms. Pittashekhar Rasa enhances appetite, improves digestion and acts as a laxative, carminative and liver stimulant. Due to its action of Sama Pitta Pachan, it prevents from the tendency of Gastric ulcers. Learn More
  6. Rasarajeshwar Rasa Rasarajeshwar Rasa

    Rasarajeshwar Rasa

    A fantastic combination of Suvarnayukta Rasaraj Rasa, Shuddha Vishamushti, Ashwagandha, Rasasindoor & Dashamoola Vishesh Shodhit Guggul, which acts as the best medicine for all kinds of Nervous System Disorders. Rasarajeshwar Rasa reduces nervine irritation, inflammation and is an excellent pain reliever. Contents like Arjuna and Bala strengthen the muscles and nerves. Learn More
  7. Shishu Bharan Rasa Shishu Bharan Rasa

    Shishu Bharan Rasa

    An excellent medicine for diseases of children is ‘Shishu Bharan Rasa’. Kumarkalyan Rasa present in Shishu Bharan Rasa helps in proper physical and mental development of children. Presence of Madhumalini Vasant in Shishu Bharan Rasa, improves Bala and Pushti of Balak by enhancing Mansa Pushti and Jatharagni Vardhan Karya. Also, it helps in Pachan of Kapha Dosha in Kaphaja Vikar. Shishu Bharan Rasa is effective Yoga in Alpa Vyadhikshamatva and diseases produced due to Kapha Dosha Pradhanata like Pratishyaya, Kas, Tonsilitis etc. Learn More
  8. Stree Vyadhihari Rasa Stree Vyadhihari Rasa

    Stree Vyadhihari Rasa

    An excellent Kalpa useful in Prajanan Sansthan Vikruti of females is ‘Stree Vyadhihari Rasa’. It contains Dravya which are helpful in StreeBeeja Janan (Ovulation) like Latakaranj Beeja, Shatapushpa and Karpasamoola etc. Sootikabharan Rasa present in Stree Vyadhihari Rasa is effective in Vishar produced due to Prajanan Sansthan Vikruti as well as it helps in preparation of Prajanan Sansthan for Garbhadharana. Learn More

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