Social Media apps have now entered in our daily life. As the government bodies are upgrading their working process to paperless, going on-line & trying to be more transparent on their work activity, status of projects undertaken, it’s not clear whether such bodies should create their social media pages on facebook, twitter etc. Whether such page will address the right audience?

Can these public pages be used by Regulatory bodies to make announcements for new notifications, new launch of projects, seminars and schemes, press releases, etc. In case of any emergency such as Health warnings during an epidemic, recall of products, such pages can serve a faster mode to reach common public instead of releasing notice on their website.

People may use this platform to post negative comments about policies and regulations. Although there will be opinions from technocrats, too, who are well versed with food, drug and cosmetics guidelines, who can give sound suggestions to address and rectify some issues. The feedback or post shared by regulatory bodies will be considered official or not? Further, this may lead to legal complications that needs to be thought about.

Hence we would like to know your views on whether Regulatory bodies should come up for using social media apps or not?